Version 6 eCard

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The ver.6 eCard is new for 2017 and has a built-in light-diode in the bottom left corner of the eCard that blinks for 5 seconds after punching. In addition, the ver.6 eCard has more sensitive electronics which makes it possible to confirm a correct punching faster than before. The eCard comes in a dark blue plastic cover with a nice pattern on the upper surface. The ver.6 eCard is compatible with regular control units, ePosts and the new TFP-controls as a contact card.

When punching, the eCard registers the unit's code and running time. The eCard can store up to 50 split times. The split times are stored internal in the eCard until restarted on a starting unit. The eCard is active 6 hours after the last punch.

- 5 years reducing warranty
- Integrated light-diode blinking 5 seconds after punch.
- Completely waterproof
- Intergrated backup system.
- Very quick punching, less than 1/10 of a second is necessary.
- Restarting and activating the eCard happens in an operation at the start.
- The eCard is active 6 hours after the last punch.
- Also can be used for ski-orienteering
- The temperature area is between -20C to +50C


Price: £57.00