Touch-Free Controls

Emit TFP (Touch-Free Pro)

Emit's new control-units, can be used in orienteering, Ultras, Triathlons, Adv Races, MTB & cycling events such as sportives and also water activities as fully waterproof.

The TFP-unit sends a code from 100-199, which is registered by the emiTag-chip when closer than 75 cm from the unit for minimum 1 tenth of a second.

The light-emitting diode on the emiTag-chip starts to blink quickly when the TFP-units code is registered. The unit can also read standard emit ecards and the light on the unit flashes to signify a successful punch has been made. It is also possible to scan all emiTags registered on a TFP-unit.

All TFP-units has a built-in backup. This is activated automatically if the battery of the main unit stops functioning.

The TFP-unit is delivered with built-in batteries estimated to last for at least 1500 hours of usage.